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Now Reading: ChatGPT and Kotlin: Building a ‘Squid Game’-Inspired Mobile Game


ChatGPT and Kotlin: Building a ‘Squid Game’-Inspired Mobile Game

As we patiently wait for the new show on Netflix “Squid Game: The Challenge“, I decided to create a game inspired by the famous red light green light scene.

This is a simple game written in Kotlin starting from a new empty project in Android Studio. In this post I’ll show you how to create this game using ChatGPT so we don’t have to write any of the code ourselves!

How the Game Works

You control the red/green light and it’s up to you to eliminate the participants that don’t stop on red. Choose wisely! Killing non violating participants will reduce your health. Only eliminate the ones that don’t stop in time. Will you be evil or let some of them slide by? It’s up to you!

Video demo and explanation:

Powering Up ChatGPT – The Prompt

Head on over to and enter the following prompt:

“I’m creating an Android game inspired by the Red Light, Green Light game from the show Squid Game, using Kotlin in Android Studio. I’m starting from a new empty activity project. I need help with step-by-step instructions for the implementation and all of the Kotlin code needed.

Here’s what I want the game to do:

  1. Fill the screen with a background color to represent the ground of the game.
  2. Load and display a character asset called “character.png” to represent a character in the game.
  3. Draw AI characters and their fragments on the screen. If an AI character is eliminated, it should explode into fragments.
  4. The AI characters should move on the screen based on whether the light is green or red. When the light is green, all characters should move, and when the light is red, some characters should stop while others should continue moving.
  5. Draw a red line towards the top of the screen and detect if any AI characters cross it.
  6. If an AI character crosses the line, it should flash white and then disappear.
  7. Implement logic to add more AI characters as the game progresses.
  8. When all AI characters have been eliminated or have crossed the line, show a popup that displays the number of innocents killed, the number of violators eliminated, and the number of AI characters that made it across the finish line.
  9. Implement a way to restart the game.”

The Source Code and Assets

Here’s the working source code and game assets so that you can easily get started.

Then you can open this project directly in Android Studio and get started modifying and tinkering with the code. This is a great way to learn!

Simply download the zip, then open Android Studio, click “Open” and then find and select the “” file.

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    ChatGPT and Kotlin: Building a ‘Squid Game’-Inspired Mobile Game